Restaurant Gwendolyn

Local • Seasonal • Handmade

Step back to a time when local, seasonal and sustainable ingredients were a way of life.  At Restaurant Gwendolyn, Victorian charm and historic recipes, combine with modern culinary standards.  Chef and owner Michael Sohocki presents pristine ingredients with skill and passion to create a dining experience like no other.


Every perishable ingredient we serve here comes from within 150 miles of this place, was raised in the old way, and has been handled in the old way. We know the rancher and we know the farmer. We buy from them directly to keep the supply chain small and visible.



Broken Arrow Ranch                   Free-range venison, antelope and wild boar

Dutchman's Meat Market        Wild boar

Palmer Ranch                               Farm meats

Rancho Ojo de Agua                Beef

Richardson Farms                     Beef

Shudde Ranch                             Beef

Texas Rabbit Ranch                Rabbit

Twin Oaks Ranch                        Lamb and pork


Country Side Farms         Chickens, eggs, ducks

Texas Quail Ranch           Quail


Gulf Coast                             Fish, snapper

Shayne Farrar                       Crawfish

Silver Streak Farm            Striped Bass and Redfish


Braune Farms                     Fruits and vegetables

Brazos Gristmill                  Oats, groats, wheat berries

Caskey Orchards               Fruits

Cooper Farms                     Peaches Figs, Tomatoes, Plums

Martinez Farms                   Fruits and vegetables

Oak Hill Farms                     Fruits and vegetables

Orange Blossom Farm      Citrus and vegetables

Palmer Ranch                       Fruits and vegetables

Springfield Farm                  Arugula, carrots and turnips

Texmati Rice                            Rice

Wholesome Harvest           Fruits and vegetables

Wheeler Farm                      Tree fruits and strawberries

Luke Brown                           Watermelon


Brazos Valley Chesse         Artisanal cheeses

Callebaut Chocolate           Chocolate

Holiday Hives                        Honey

Lorebrau Farm                      Goat cheese

Strykly Texas Cheese          Milk

Walker's Honey                     Honey


Adam and Tianan White     Lemons

Michael Sohocki                    Roosters, eggs, herbs, fruits and vegetables