Restaurant Gwendolyn

Local • Seasonal • Handmade

Step back to a time when local, seasonal and sustainable ingredients were a way of life.  At Restaurant Gwendolyn, Victorian charm and historic recipes, combine with modern culinary standards.  Chef and owner Michael Sohocki presents pristine ingredients with skill and passion to create a dining experience like no other.


Michael Sohocki - Owner

Andreas Imhof - Chef de Cuisine

Jennifer Wade - Maître D'

Chef Michael Sohocki of Restaurant Gwendolyn operates his kitchen just like your great grandmother may have, only using what people had available before the break of the industrial revolution. This means no blenders, mixers, choppers, ice cream machines, deep fryers, burr sticks, nor anything else with a motor or a plug. The concept, although extremely important to Sohocki, isn’t the easiest to execute. Therefore, chef not only needs the help of a highly skilled and trained staff, he needs people who feel just as passionate about his philosophy as he. His dedicated crew has worked tirelessly in order to adapt to Sohocki’s philosophy so that the food coming out of Gwendolyn's kitchen is honest and made with the upmost care and respect.